Build With Us Community Conversation

“If people have jobs and kids have opportunities, I think that the community ends up being healthy…What we see in our neighborhood are simply just the symptoms of poverty.” – Dwight Alder Tyisha Walker-Myers

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Community Conversation: Build With Us – How Do We Build Safer Communities, Together?

We’re especially thankful to our speakers:

  • Moderator Stacy Spell of Project Longevity
  • Dr. Rick Crouse of Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs and the Dwight Central Management Team
  • Debroah DeJarnette of The Connection
  • Tyisha Walker-Myers of the New Haven Board of Alders
  • Chaz Carmon of Ice The Beef Youth

Stayed tuned for more next year and read all about this important conversation in the New Haven Independent. 



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