Build With Us: Mental Health is Community Health Community Conversation

Our second Community Conversation in the #BuildWithUs series will take place on Wednesday, April 6th, from 6:30PM – 8:00PM at Amistad Academy (130 Edgewood Ave. New Haven, CT, 06511). “Build With Us: Mental Health is Community Health” will bring together Dwight community members and community leaders for a roundtable discussion on mental and behavioral healthContinue reading “Build With Us: Mental Health is Community Health Community Conversation”

Grateful for Our Community Partners

The holidays may be over, but we’re still feeling the cheer! This past December, the Jeep family and New Haven Police Department donated toys for the children at our Kensington Square community, Loyalty and Delisa’s Dallas Cowboys Club donated gift bags and essentials to our Victory Gardens Housing residents, and Next Level Ministries donated $100Continue reading “Grateful for Our Community Partners”

Restructured Project Update

Due to the Friends of Kensington Playground lawsuit impacting the start of construction and renovations for the Kensington Square Redevelopment Project, TCB is working with our funders and the City of New Haven to move forward with the restructured project which separates renovations from the new construction component of the project.   Currently, the stateContinue reading “Restructured Project Update”

Build With Us Community Conversation

“If people have jobs and kids have opportunities, I think that the community ends up being healthy…What we see in our neighborhood are simply just the symptoms of poverty.” – Dwight Alder Tyisha Walker-Myers Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Community Conversation: Build With Us – How Do We Build Safer Communities,Continue reading “Build With Us Community Conversation”

Project Update: Project Restructure

Due to the ongoing litigation regarding Kensington Park, TCB has been working with the City of New Haven and with our funders to find a way to start renovations while the lawsuit is being resolved.   To allow for renovations to begin on the 96 units slated for rehab as part of Kensington II, theContinue reading “Project Update: Project Restructure”

Tenant op-ed: New Haven’s Dwight community deserves better than Kensington Playground

“Having lived in the Dwight neighborhood since I was 5 years old, this is not the first time I’ve seen a group stand in the way of improvements that would serve the people living here. Our neighbors need housing, jobs, and clean, safe parks for theirchildren. By attempting to stop this project, the fight toContinue reading “Tenant op-ed: New Haven’s Dwight community deserves better than Kensington Playground”

Resident Update: Meet Nancy Cotto Bowles!

From the desk of Kensington Square’s new Community Engagement Coordinator: My name is Nancy Cotto-Bowles and I am the Community Engagement Coordinator at The Community Builders, Inc. (TCB). My role at TCB will be to help support you during the renovations to Kensington Square II and to connect you to resources and activities in theContinue reading “Resident Update: Meet Nancy Cotto Bowles!”

February 10th Public Meeting

As part of the environmental review for the Kensington II renovations, the City of New Haven will be hosting a public meeting to discuss the Kensington project and review submitted comments on the rehabilitation.   Join us for project updates and comments.  Click here to view the announcement for the February 10th meeting.Click here toContinue reading “February 10th Public Meeting”