Lawsuit Update

Last November, the Friends of Kensington Playground filed a lawsuit against the City of New Haven to stop the sale and development of Kensington Playground into affordable and deeply affordable housing.

Because the new construction at Kensington Playground is a key component of the larger Kensington Square Revitalization Project this lawsuit has caused a delay for the entirety of the project, which includes the renovations of existing units, in addition to the new construction and green space improvements.

On Wednesday, state Superior Court Judge Robert Young granted a motion to dismiss one of the claims in the lawsuit over the sale of Kensington Playground. You can view the full decision here.

Kristin Anderson, lead development project manager for Kensington Square has shared the following thoughts:

“We applaud the court’s decision in this case to dismiss the claims and are hopeful that this lawsuit will be resolved soon so that we’ll be able to get on with this project that so many people have been waiting on.

The root of the issue is, this location was chosen through a community process and was selected because members of this neighborhood believed this space would better serve the community as affordable housing.

Fortunately, the project as it’s proposed means the neighborhood does not need to choose housing over parks. This project will create affordable housing opportunities, make improvements to greenspaces that are actually utilized by the community and create additional greenspaces. We are eager to move forward with this vital and necessary project and are hopeful that the larger lawsuit will be resolved soon.”


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