Restructured Project Update

Due to the Friends of Kensington Playground lawsuit impacting the start of construction and renovations for the Kensington Square Redevelopment Project, TCB is working with our funders and the City of New Haven to move forward with the restructured project which separates renovations from the new construction component of the project.   Currently, the state bond commission approval has been received and an environmental review is in progress for the restructured project. Closing on the project is anticipated to occur 30-50 days after financing is finalized.  

RESIDENTS: Residents in the first round of renovations will receive 30-45 days notice prior to the start of renovations. Residents will be contacted by TCB’s Relocation Coordinator to assist with any needs and answer any questions related to the temporary relocation while the renovations are underway.   As a reminder, once renovations begin we will assist you with the temporary moves during construction and all costs related to moving will be paid for by Kensington Square ll. TCB will provide moving boxes, storage units for your belongings, and coordinate the move out/move in process with moving companies.  



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